Pyrite, Serpentine Keyhole Pendant

About Amy Lubbs

I’ve been crafting in one form or another for as long as I can remember and I’ve been doing beadwork for over 10 years. Working with my hands and creating art has always fallen somewhere between passion and compulsion.

My art is inspired by the lines, shapes and colors of Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and Art Nouveau (specifically Alphonse Mucha) as well as the balance and patterns in nature (beautifully demonstrated by Andy Goldsworthy). However, materials are my driving inspiration. I’m a lifelong collector of rusty objects, sticks, rocks, bones, and broken pieces of machines, ceramic and glass.

The collection of my materials is integral to the creation of my art. My eyes are always on the ground and I find a meditative peace in walking along railroad tracks looking for pieces to bring home. Each fragment has a unique beauty, personality and life story that holds memories of its origin, the time and processes of its journey, and how it found its way into my pocket. My love of objects is informed and reinforced by my degree in Archaeology, which allowed me to further investigate the power of objects to carry memories, comfort us, and remind us of who we are as individuals and as humans.

I try to create a little home for each of these beautiful, forgotten objects where they can be showcased among beads, stones, pearls and shells. That spark of connection and familiarity you feel when an object or piece of jewelry calls your name and asks to be a part of your life is what I strive for.